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Masters Cruise - Sep 22-27 2008

joe foul weather gearPictures and data from the Sep 22-27 Masters 40 OP cruise.
Approximately 230 Nautical miles in 96 hours (including provisioning and time at rest)

Winds: 20-30 knots
Seas: 8 foot (Stellwagen Bank and east of Cape Cod); 3-6 foot elsewhere



provisioning fuel & water
download 3 photos (5Mb)

Provisioning Boston Harbor




Logan to Hull

Boston (Logan) -> G1 (Hull)
9.86 nautical miles
Depart: ~20:00
Track End: 23:06
Average Speed: 3.44 kts
Max Speed: 5.99 kts


enroute Nantucket
download 2 photos (2.5Mb)

to Nantucket




hull to race point
cape cod atlantic shoreentering nantucket

G1 (Hull)-> Nantucket
Approximate Route
90 nautical miles
Depart: (Mon) 23:06
Arrive: 17:30
Average Speed: ? kts
Max Speed: ? kts

Data approximate due to battery running out on GPS and that I was curled up in the fetal position with nausea until we neared Nauset Light (so, I didn't notice nor would have I done anything about it if I had).


Vineyard Haven
11 photos (16Mb)

Vineyard Haven

track day 2

Nantucket -> Vineyard Haven
33.3 nautical miles
Depart: 08:10
Arrive: 13:25
Average Speed: 6.34 kts
Max Speed: 8.51 kts



enroute Plymouth
download 57 photos (72Mb)

Woods Hole




through woods holeCC canal to Plymouth

Vineyard Haven -> Plymouth
54.7 nautical miles
Depart: 08:38
Arrive: 18:06
Average Speed: 5.77 kts
Max Speed: 8.98 kts


enroute Boston
download 15 photos (17Mb)

Boston Light





depart plymouthplymouth to bostonboston entry

Plymouth -> Boston
41.6 nautical miles
Depart: 07:00
Arrive: 14:13
Average Speed: 5.75 kts
Max Speed: 18.8 kts
seems like a spike in the GPS data rather than a legitimate reading, but there were several spikes in the teens - probably during wave surfing




Chart Data





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